Objective Logistics is a Google and Atlas Venture-funded company that helps lift sales and improve the guest experience in restaurants and retail stores nation-wide. MUSE, a web-based software platform, motivates, measures, and mentors staff, giving them real-time rewards and active, up-to-the-minute coaching. Our ranking platform is combined with an automated service that rewards top performers with their preferred shifts and other non-monetary compensation. We marry the power of big-data with proven game theory (and a little healthy competition) to drive significant, unrivaled results. MUSE, a moneyball-esque Performance Management tool is now commercially available for the restaurant industry and is in development for leading enterprises in a variety of new markets.

What are our employees saying about us? Some direct quotes from our team:


  • We are located near the downtown and Chinatown area so our office is very accessible by all T lines.
  • There are a number of great lunch places nearby.


  • We’re a diverse group of people: singles and family-types.
  • The team is so much fun and smart. We learn from everyone. The whole group is engaged and works together really well. It feels great to work on a product that helps people achieve their goals.
  • The openness of communication at Objective Logistics is incredible, it allows us to identify and fix any process that is causing inefficiencies or frustrations among the team. That, and the company is full of genuinely awesome people whom I look forward to seeing every day.
  • OBJL is a fantastic place to work: everyone here is both incredibly passionate and good at what they do. It’s a great, collaborative atmosphere where your input always counts and openness is encouraged. Everyone is always excited to tackle whatever challenges come up but we also know when it’s time to relax (of course, it’s a toss-up as to which is more competitive: game nights or rounds of bocce at a company cookout.) Plus, we have a LEGO version of the Death Star in the middle of our office, so there’s always that.
  • Knowing that I not only have an opportunity to make an impact within the company, but that together we can have a wider positive impact on our customers and end-users through our joint mission is great. We are surrounded by a smart, solid, committed, unselfish, adaptable team where constant learning and innovation is encouraged.


  • Our customers are individual users. We have a huge mobile component that we use responsive design for (gorgeous UI) and a management console as well. It’s really a full-scale platform.
  • The restaurants/retailers we work with are really fun customers.
  • We have a large data science practice and optimization focus that is wicked cool.


  • Honesty, Honor and Integrity are values we constantly uphold.
  • Where else can you make fun of/harass your CEO to his face? Flip-side: Where else does the CEO make fun of you to your face?
  • We have standup and sprint meetings, and full stack development (Engineering.)
  • There’s a voice for everyone giving all the ability to change and improve processes every two weeks.
  • Free alcohol and snacks don’t suck.
  • Our 80″ sharp TV makes for some pretty epic gaming sessions.
  • We get 30″ 2560×1600 resolution monitors (Engineering.)

Take a virtual tour of our office.

Open Requisitions

Business Development Representative

Boston, MA — Objective Logistics is searching for a new Business Development Representative to join our Sales Team at our headquarters in Boston. We are seeking a hard working, intelligent, and hungry individual who is interested in joining a growing company in a fast-paced and innovative environment. If you're looking to build a sales career, have excellent written and verbal skills, high energy, enthusiasm, and a passion for winning, we want to speak with you!

Posted: May 14th, 2014

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